Lovely’s Llamas

LOVELY’S LLAMAS: I discovered that of all the things I’ve ever made, these are my favorite. I get to bring the characters in my head to life and bring smiles to everyone, big and small. Lovely’s Llamas has cuddly handmade animals for little ones in real life and at heart!

I started this company to create awareness and funds for children in need of social justice. Starting with Ethnos Missions Center in San Antonio, Texas, I used my business to support my full-time volunteer work. As Lovely’s Llamas is growing, I believe it can do big things for the children of this world. Lovely’s Llamas’ greatest goal is to partner with non-profits like Ethnos and to offer scholarships to struggling kids and teens in our own backyard and all over the world. In partnership with other non-profit organizations, we can make a difference!

All marketing materials, patterns, and toy designs were created and developed by Erika Keith. All embroidery is made by hand. These toys are “zero waste” products, meaning that no excess materials are thrown away. All extra materials are shredded and used as weighted stuffing for the animals which also reduces the need for harmful plastic beads or other weighted stuffing that could be a choking hazard for children under three.

Lovely’s Llamas has been featured in San Antonio Magazine for their Holiday Gift Guide in the December 2016 issue. Lovely’s Llamas has also been sold in a high end pop-up shop in downtown San Antonio called Indigo Makers Collective, in The Red Cat and Co. boutique (@redcatandco on Instagram), and in To The Moon Bus boutique (@tothemoonbus on Instagram). Lovely’s Llamas is open to being featured at more retailers.

More on Lovely’s Llamas can be discovered at,, on Instagram @lovelysllamas, and on Facebook.