Odd Material: Menswear

ODD MATERIAL: Produced out of secondhand garments, donated fabric, fabric meant for other uses (upholstery fabric), and recycled materials.

All photographs, courtesy of Minerva House

Models: Trerell Hearn

Photographer: Candace Moore 


His Wear: Fall 2014

INSPIRATION: Swedish Handicrafts and Folk Culture
1st Draft Illustration: Ink, graphite, and water color.
2nd Draft Illustration, Final Collection: Water color and graphite
Mens Concepts 2014
Technical Flats for Mens 2014 collection, built in Adobe Illustrator
DSC_4478 copy
Quilted Cotton knit for pull-over, cotton twill for pants; Model: Oskar Jrade




DSC_4603 copy
Quilted Cotton knit for pull-over, ponte knit for pants; Model: Benn Johnson
DSC_4638 copy
Quilted cotton knit for pull-over, ponte knit for pants, dyed upholstery fabric for pant cuffs; Model: Andy Rolfes
DSC_4533 copy
Top-stitching and hand-embroidery on dyed upholstery fabric for ensemble on the left.
DSC_4536 copy
3 out of 4 of the collection.
DSC_4568 copy
Full Collection

Models: Benn Johnson, Tavi Chavez, Andy Rolfes, Oskar Jrade

Photographer: Carol Howard

Director: Francisco Duarte



The Anemone: A Selection of My Early Work

A selection of work created between 2012 and 2013. Titled Anemone because they were a symbol of my growth as a young fashion design student.

Models: Erika Keith, Lisa Brunet, & Holly Banks 

Photographer: Andy Rolfes